This site is a collection of all information on the network of the institute of Cognitive Science at the university of Osnabrueck.
The information on this site might not be complete, but The Admins are doing their best. The ultimate goal of these pages is to provide both users and admins a platform where all aspects of the network, its resources, and their proper and effective use are documented.
The road to a proper documentation is hard and a long one, but we are determined to walk it as far as we can. It’s the speed that matters! Improving the site yields admin-karma points. We need those points such that computers do not crash.

  • All new users should read this documentation.
  • Start with the User Guide
  • All users need to read the User Policy document. By using our services and equipment you are bound to this policy, thus not reading it does not mean that you are freed from sticking to those rules.

Additional information:

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